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  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • SCSS
  • SASS

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Course Information

12 weeks
20 students
72 hours

Course Characteristics

The program is designed for beginners who want to learn web programming and in a short period of time start creating web sites. During the program, you will learn many new concepts, learn the theory, and in practice, learn how to build full-fledged web sites, using all modern technologies and skills.

What will be in the training program


You will have the opportunity to explore and learn how to master real programming and design techniques, software development and use, as well as design tools.


The lessons are held in comfortable rooms equipped with modern equipment. All the materials are at your fingertips.​


Homework is offered in several levels of difficulty, so you can easily adapt. You will understand what you need to do, what you need and how to use different solutions.


The teacher pays particular attention to the work at home in order to acquire the necessary practical experience.

Training program

MODULE 1 - Basic HTML principles
MODULE 3 - Bootstrap
MODULE 4 - WordPress

HTML is a standardized WEB markup language, the result of interpretation of this language by the browser is the usual graphically designed look of web sites.

During the training, you will learn what is:

  • The structure of any web page
  • Work with tags and attributes
  • Work with links and anchors
  • Connecting various modules to an HTML document
  • Formatting HTML Elements

CSS and JS – used by web page creators to specify colors, fonts, layout of individual blocks, their animation and other aspects of representing the appearance of these web pages.

During the training, you will learn what is:

  • Basic Style Writing
  • Ways to add CSS and JS to an HTML page
  • Work with element animation

The set of libraries includes HTML, CSS and JS design templates for typography, web forms, buttons, tags, navigation blocks and other components of the web interface.

You will learn:

  • What the CSS framework includes
  • Check out the concept of 12 column grid
  • Learn how to connect the elements of the framework in your work and use them.

WordPress is the content management system of your site. The scope is from blogs to fairly sophisticated news resources and online stores. The built-in system of “themes” and “plug-ins” together with a successful architecture allows you to design projects of wide functional complexity.

As a result of the course you will receive:

  • WordPress Theory
  • Check out the concept of themes and plugins
  • Design your first WordPress site
  • Learn to customize existing themes and create your own